Ward 2

*Parks: Ward 2 has a number of parks, from City Park downtown to the old Tennis and Swim Club on Sanford St. I hope to be able to secure more funding for our parks, regain control over Crockwells Pond and create a nature preserve encompassing it and the Tennis and Swim Club.
*Storefronts: Fortunately Ward 2 does not have many empty storefronts, I will actively recruit other businesses to help us fill them.
*Forums: I will have quarterly forms to keep constituents up to date on City initiatives, as well as listen to their concerns and help when I can.
*Neighbors helping Neighbors: I’d like to create a fund to help elderly and otherwise challenged citizens with shoveling, raking, painting etc. Ward 2 citizens would be welcome to contribute to help other Ward 2 neighbors. I will kick start it with $2000 a year for every year that I’m in office.